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About Me

I am Lenisha Jackson-Miles, a dedicated Vegan Enthusiast with more than 14 years of experience in a plant-based lifestyle. I adopted a plant-based diet while residing in San Diego, California, just before the arrival of my youngest daughter. Initially, my goal was to detoxify and cleanse my body, but this experience led me to explore and deeply appreciate the plant-based way of life. Today, I am dedicated to assisting individuals in making the transition to a fun plant-based lifestyle that not only enhances health, but also offers a delicious culinary experience. Through my advocacy, I aim to inspire and promote a healthy lifestyle rooted in the principles of plant-based living.




Our Mission

Bold as Vegan is on a mission to empower and inspire individuals to embrace the vibrant and compassionate world of plant-based living. We aim to challenge the status quo, disrupt conventional norms, and encourage everyone to boldly make the transition towards a more ethical, sustainable, and health-conscious lifestyle. Through education, community-building, and delicious vegan experiences, we envision a world where being 'Bold as Vegan' is synonymous with positive change for our health and the environment.

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